Mladějovice Mansion

Spring news from Mladějovice

Let us introduce you to the latest May news and spring life at our fortress in Mladějovice.


Our bees have decided to kill off the farmer. He had counted on giving them 5 new super boxes to expand their hives, but they decided that they needed to fill 18 super boxes in two days.

This resulted in two unscheduled days of work, during which Bernard hammered, wired, and waxed 250 frames and the super boxes.

But when the bees are happy, everyone else in the fortress is happy.

They’re flying

Ponds with frogs

What would a farm be without a pond, frog croaking, and the farmer with a pipe in his mouth sitting on the dam… well, okay the last one probably won’t happen.

The upper pond is getting a new gullet and new outlet to the lower pond. So the frogs can get ready for their niche extension.


As a famous Czech writer and enthusiast gardener Karel Čapek said: “Your attitude to things has changed. When it’s raining you say it’s raining on the garden, when the sun is shining it is not just shining it’s shining on the garden. At night you are grateful your garden will rest.”

Our garden in spring:

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