Mladějovice Mansion

A great joy – a new roof

Roof before finishing - view from the south

The south side of the fortress makes us very happy, the roof is just about finished.

We are looking forward to making the space underneath a pleasure for our visitors. There will be 7 rooms for musicians or participants in art classes.

In addition to the dormers, be sure to notice the newly opened chimney for the 16th century furnace and fireplace.

And if you ask Mr. Bernard what remains to be finished on the roof to your complete satisfaction, he’ll start calculating with the cadence of Mr. Kos from the Czech film Secluded, Near Woods (“You have lime, cement, bricks, blocks”): “cut out the beam footings, tile, trim the tiles, tongue and groove, put in lead flashing, live larch, grout the joints, paint , plant the windows, trim them, and the dormers are almost done. “

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