Mladějovice Mansion

As sweet as honey

There is a very popular book in Czech literature called Beetles. Although it is about 150 years old, its poetics does not age.

(Broucek in the sample is the Czech word for little bug). 

“Oh Broucek, you’re not guessing well – it’s as sweet as honey.” But Broucek didn’t know anything until Ladybug revealed it. “Oh, you silly Broucek, it’s honey.” And Broucek said, “So it is, my dear Ladybug, honey.” And it was honey. They enjoyed it! 

As Mr. Karafiát wrote, honey can be sweet just like honey.

“To have honey on a white plate, one must first scrape it off from the bees, uncork the honeycomb, extract it using a centrifuge, and then pour it into a container. 

We currently have thirteen beehives in the fortress, which include six from last year, six of our own division, and one swarm that had landed in our garden, which we allowed to settle in.”

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