Board games tournament

All young spirits of any age are cordially invited to evening of board games fun on 4 April 2024. The best participants will be awarded!

From our chronicle

The year has come and gone, so let’s take a look together at how 2023 reflected in our Chronicle. In March, tourists from Strakonice signed up and praised us for the tour provided by Bernard (we recommend it, by the way). After a month, the number of Strakonice tourists grew to 22, after all it […]

Inspection of the reconstruction project

On 31 January, the fortress was the venue of the interim public inspection of the project Reconstruction of Mladějovice Fortress (project KU-CH1-113). The inspection was carried out by the Department of International Relations of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and invited experts from Ernst & Young. The purpose of the audit was […]

Winter in Mladějovice

Winter came to us this year in white and full of romance And our pets are either asleep or, like our lovely chickens, not having it easy at all.

Brass band camp

The first really big event at the mansion was the Saturday camp of the Great Wind Orchestra of the Strakonice Music School. We know that listening outside the door is not allowed. Absolutely not, under any circumstances. But sometimes it’s just unavoidable. The musicians enjoyed their stay with us. Probably mainly because they could […]

When the musicians arrive, it’s a pleasure

On Thursday, 5 Gypsy musicians arrived. They were all likeable guys. They started paving the sidewalk at 5:30 and were finished by 9 o’clock. They said that next week they’ll do the entire courtyard and the wall. When we saw how easy it was for them and how high quality their work was, we truly […]

Vote for our oak tree

On the dam of the Mlýnský pond in Mladějovice stands proudly a beautiful, mighty summer oak tree. With its height of 27 meters, it is truly majestic, and it’s not surprising that it’s listed among the Strakonice region’s famous trees. You can still vote for it in the Tree of the Year competition for another […]

As sweet as honey

There is a very popular book in Czech literature called Beetles. Although it is about 150 years old, its poetics does not age. (Broucek in the sample is the Czech word for little bug).  “Oh Broucek, you’re not guessing well – it’s as sweet as honey.” But Broucek didn’t know anything until Ladybug revealed it. […]

Invitation to “Getting ready for Easter 2023”

On 1 April 2023, the second wicker party will be held at our mansion. We will learn how to weave pomlaza, make other products from twigs and also talk about Easter traditions. Those interested will be given a guided tour of the mansion. All are welcome! Last year was intimate, but with a nice atmosphere. […]